A message from the Founder of “Siggi Dimanche.”

Siggi DimancheOne of the most famous African-American ex-patriots, James Baldwin said, “All journey’s are extraordinary.” What an extraordinary journey “Siggi Dimanche” has been. I dream of an African art salon, but with a variation on the theme, a place to learn, share, create, wonder, read, write, day (and night) dream…in French, through the spectacles of Africa! A virtual talking and sharing space for people like me who are overpowered by the films of Ousmane Sembene, staggered by the sculpture of Ndary Lo, and dazzled by the Negritude movement writings of Leopold Sedar Senghor, Leon Damas, Jane and Paulette Nardal, Aime Cesaire and his gloriously brilliant wife, Suzanne Rossy Cesaire. I believe we can spend some lovely time together reading the works of Maryse Conde, Francis Bebey, Edourardo Glissant, Birago Diop, Tahar Ben Jelloun and the God Mother of African literature, Mariama Ba.

Let’s revisit the sumptuous  “Africa Remix” : Contemporary Art of a Continent, which under the impeccable artistic direction of Cameroonian art critic, essayist and curator Simon Njami, was the largest exhibition of contemporary African art ever seen in Europe.

All of these things are surely on the way, but for now, in this glorious piece of cyberspace, we’ll create our “village” to celebrate Africa, as she speaks, writes, sings, weeps, rejoices, sings and speaks her truth…in French.

I hope you enjoy your visits to this site. There will be opportunities for you to learn a new French vocabulary word, everyday. There are fantastic clips and films from Francophone African documentaries as well. I have linked almost every photo or article to websites that give you further information.

Your Francophone African, African Diasporian adventure starts here. Many of the articles will be in French so, in the words of the tremendous writer, historian and professeur Dr. John Henrik Clarke, “Let’s get to work, we have more work before us than we have time before us…let’s get to work.” So, make a lovely cup of tea, or pour a glass of “vin,” and wrap yourself in “Siggi Dimanche.”

I’m glad you’re here.